“When Kids Still Played” 1989

Jump rope; French jump rope (that’s two long jump ropes turned by two people); hopscotch, kick ball, baseball; hide and seek; football; badminton; basketball (around the world was one of our favs); tennis; badminton; ping pong; croquet. We played all of these when we were kids. We didn’t learn to type until high school (if we learned at all). We had rotary phones until touch tone was introduced in the 1960’s, may the late 1950’s.
Kids climbed trees, explored swamps and forests, and we slept in home made tents in our back yards.
We didn’t know that we were beginning the age of “loss of imagination” then.

Black and White Street Photographs of New York City by Matt Weber

kids-climbing-nyc-matt-weber Life before X-Box…

©Matt Weber

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Composting and LOOK!

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Composting and LOOK!

Apple Tree Starts on Kitchen Counter

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Composting and LOOK!

Composting and LOOK!

Apple Tree Starts on Kitchen Counter

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Oozing excellence

Terry Chandler here. I’m an affiliate for both Empower Network and Gary Ryan Blair. I’ve done my homework, and am now prepared to dig in and get the work done. If you choose to either join our team or just purchase books, you’ll be making a very sound investment by joining us! The internet is still relatively young, but it’s here to stay, so we may as well decide to get used to doing business here. I hope you agree…

Keep reading, but don’t strain yourself. All the information you need to get started is available. Maybe not just on this page, but it is available. 

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Excellence begins as a decision – one where you look at your life, business, and relationships and decide that everything you touch is going to be  better, that the example 
you set is going to be inspiring, that the performance bar is going to be raised higher, 
and that the legacy you leave will be memorable and long-lasting.

Excellence is not situational, however it must become the standard by which 
you manage and measure every situation.


Surround yourself with excellent people.

Deliver excellent customer service.

Engage in excellent conversation.

Get in excellent physical shape.

Go on excellent vacations.

Set an excellent example.

Drive excellent cars.

Drink excellent coffee.

Read excellent books.

Wear excellent clothing.

Buy excellent jewelery.

Create excellent projects.

Be an excellent parent.

Raise excellent children.

Display excellent manners.

Think excellent thoughts.

Listen to excellent music.

Use excellent words.

Celebrate excellent work.

You deserve to live a life of excellence, and you do that by making sure…

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair



My affiliate link (so I get paid commission), if you decide to join our team or just purchase Gary’s books: http://www.goalsguy.com/Affiliate/tgg.php?id=1035340


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February 18, 2014 From the desk of Gary Ryan Blair, also known as “The Goals Guy” and author of The 100 Day Challenge. Gary has his act together, and now he wants to share his success with you! I am an affiliate for Gary’s program. If you’re planning on ordering the program, please use my affiliate code link found here: http://www.goalsguy.com/Affiliate/tgg.php?id=1035340 Don’t fret, I’ll share this with you again later in the message.

YOU JUST MADE A CHOICE It doesn’t measure up against some of history’s
legendary choices – like Hamlet’s “to be or not to be” and Patrick Henry’s “
give me liberty or give me death” – but you did choose to read this message 
and I’m thankful for your decision, and assure you it will be well worth your 
time and attention.

The purpose of setting a goal must be to achieve it, as there is no purer
 form of success, no more exact and exacting test of what you are capable 
of, then to consistently achieve a set of deliberate, desirable and deadline 
driven outcomes.

A quality life is an example of what can be accomplished when thoughtful 
attention, consistent goal setting, planning, and purposeful action come 
together without compromise.

You are now working with the 48th day of 2014…

  • What goals have you achieved?
  • Are your proud of your accomplishments?
  • Did you really give it your best effort?
  • Are you on target for a record first quarter?

317 days remain in 2014, and if you’re currently below target and in need
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Regardless of your decision, please keep in mind that a life without
direction is as foolish as going to sea without a compass. A ship with
a broken rudder may maintain a full head of steam, but never reach a
port, unless by accident. And if it does find a port, its cargo may
not be suited to the people, climate or culture.

You life, much like a ship must be directed to a definite destination
for which your cargo of core skills and aspirations are best suited.
If you want to succeed, you must not drift aimlessly.

In closing, a goal is so much more than a thought in your head. It’s a
profound message about who you are and what you are capable 

And, I believe that armed with the right coaching and resources that
YOU are capable of making great things happen.

Shall we dance?

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

Option 1

Option 2

* use this code to save $25: freedom25


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Content that builds trust

– Blog. Blogs are the absolute starting point for content strategy
because they make content production, syndication and sharing
so easy. #e search engines love blog content, not to mention the
fact that blogs allow one to produce and organize a great deal
of editorial thinking. Content produced on a blog can easily be
expanded and adapted to become content for articles, workshops
and eBooks.

This was borrowed from The Duct Tape guy on Twitter. 

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Come on, Read This Please!

How do you accomplish big things? 

By setting goals and making them public. 

There’s nothing quite like a good 
old-fashioned challenge to see what we 
are made of, to push the boundaries and 
test the limits of our potential.

It’s only when we overcome these types 
of trials and challenges that we reap 
the sweetest rewards in life.

February 2nd was an important date not 
just because it’s Groundhog Day and we 
all want to know if Punxsutawney Phil 
(the Groundhog) sees his shadow.

More importantly, it marks the turning 
point in your life, a second chance to
get clear on your goals, to right any 
wrongs and make this the best year of 
your life.

This extraordinary program shows you 
how to knock the ball out of the park
in 2014.

Check it out; you’ll be glad you did.


Terry Chandler

P.S. I almost forgot, be sure to use this 
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AND, the deal was such a success, Gary is extending the offer until Wednesday February 5 at midnight!

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