“When Kids Still Played” 1989

Jump rope; French jump rope (that’s two long jump ropes turned by two people); hopscotch, kick ball, baseball; hide and seek; football; badminton; basketball (around the world was one of our favs); tennis; badminton; ping pong; croquet. We played all of these when we were kids. We didn’t learn to type until high school (if we learned at all). We had rotary phones until touch tone was introduced in the 1960’s, may the late 1950’s.
Kids climbed trees, explored swamps and forests, and we slept in home made tents in our back yards.
We didn’t know that we were beginning the age of “loss of imagination” then.

Black and White Street Photographs of New York City by Matt Weber

kids-climbing-nyc-matt-weber Life before X-Box…

©Matt Weber

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