Sparks to Get You Started

Maybe you’ve heard the story about the man who was on his last leg (in life) who retreated into his home and lived a solitary life. He became increasingly bitter, so when friends came to see him and try to cheer him up, well, he became more angry and hostile. After a while, visitors stopped coming. He didn’t care. He was actually enjoying his misery.

Word got back to the pastor of the church the dyeing man had attended when his wife was alive, so the pastor decided to pay the man a visit. When the pastor arrived, the old man was sitting by the waning fire in the fireplace. The pastor, knowing that words would become a wall between the two men, just went over to the fire, moved one of the logs away from the group of logs, and sat down. The two sat in silence to watch the fire and the log that was separated. Within a few minutes the separated logs flame went out, and within a few more minutes even the sparks disappeared. The compassionate pastor stood up, walked to the un-burning log, returned it to the spot where the other logs were still burning, and sat down again. That was when the miserable man realized he’d just received a sermon by demonstration. He recognized that he was miserable without companionship. His light was going out, but it didn’t have to. He could change. So can you!

About terrylchandler

Internet entrepreneur, life coach, thinker, honest, inspiration addict, non liar, kind person. IE, I THINK (True, Honest, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind are the guidelines I use prior to speaking). I also have set a goal to listen twice as much as I speak. These may be cliches', but my life is rich as a result.
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