Twitter post and answer

The answer is THINK!

Rarely will you find that you’ll regret what you’ve said if you ask those five questions and thought the answer through prior to opening your mouth.


The truth will ALWAYS stand, and even if no one else believes or cares, you’ll still know the truth is what sets you free, right?

Honest ?

One is always able to be honest without apology, and being honest keeps you in your own integrity. Believe it or not, integrity is still valuable to some!


 Inspiration can come from what you see, hear, smell, touch and think about, right? “To inspire” literally means (from the Greek) “to breath into”. Think about that for a while, and respond when you are able.


Necessity comes  out of a need. We all have them, but many people mistake needs for wants and wants for needs. Get those two straight by asking if your wants being met will harm another and you’ll be on the right track!


Kind is another word for empathy. Don’t mistake sympathy for empathy, though. Empathy means you’re coming along side the other person and feeling what they feel with them. Sympathy puts you on the other side of their feelings, not alongside, so unless you don’t want to join your friend, embrace empathy!

Many a healthy relationship has been damaged because the speaker did not, I repeat, DID NOT ask those five questions prior to speaking. In fact, many relationships have ended due to the speakers’ lack of thought.

With so many changes happening in 2009, soon to be 2010, wouldn’t you like to have stable relationships in your future? I’m confident your answer is YES, or you wouldn’t have followed this so far.

You can contact me on Twitter (tlctouch) or Facebook (Terry Chandler), and we’ll start a fresh and vibrant friendship!

Blessings to you, and happy Thanksgiving in the USA!

About terrylchandler

Internet entrepreneur, life coach, thinker, honest, inspiration addict, non liar, kind person. IE, I THINK (True, Honest, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind are the guidelines I use prior to speaking). I also have set a goal to listen twice as much as I speak. These may be cliches', but my life is rich as a result.
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